Kim, founder and CEO of Centrally Human, is a marketing technology and human-based executive leader. With more than 12 years of experience in human-based marketing, she brings proven expertise to help marketers connect with customers in authentic, meaningful, relevant and profitable ways.
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By Kim Brown, Founder & CEO of Centrally Human (

My career has always been about telling stories, making connections, building solutions for the newest challenges, and uniting companies with the people behind the screens. My path from journalism to digital marketing to opening my consulting firm may seem completely unexpected, but putting people first has always been second-nature for me.

I recently launched Centrally Human, a marketing technology consultancy, because I believe real human connection exists at the intersection of data, marketing, and technology. I help marketing leaders demystify, understand, organize and harness the power of their best tools – data, marketing and technology – to create a lasting connection with their most invaluable asset – humans.

I’ve always believed marketing could be better, and I’ve spent my career championing the evolution. And I’ve done it all with data: queried, sourced, stacked, streamed, bought, sold, bidded, questioned, consolidated, ported, segmented, onboarded… the verbs go on. What makes me different is that I’ve always known data is a means to an end — a simple piece of information that helps us understand and connect with a human.

At Centrally Human, we put the humanity back into marketing.

Today, every company is expected to be digital- and data-savvy, and every leader is supposed to navigate and stay current on the ever-changing digital space while still delivering their regular business results. And they have to do this without any real help or training. Centrally Human started to be the neutral expert and trusted advisor to guide and inform our clients through this evolution successfully.

Every marketer is doing their absolute best today trying to make sense of all the data, marketing and technology they’ve bought, could buy or have in-house. They’re frustrated by the never-ending journey and products supposedly needed to understand their customer. On the flip side, consumers are frustrated that they’re getting irrelevant, disjointed or impersonal communication from brands.

Buying more software or hiring different people isn’t going to solve the problem. Marketing leaders need a trusted (and well-experienced and neutral) advisor to help them see the big picture, decipher all the jargon, and focus on how to use what they have to it’s fullest potential. I guarantee most companies have 90% of what they need already in house (including the human talent); they just need help seeing, adjusting/training and using it all.

I’m inspired to make a real difference in the world of marketing, and I believe in leveraging all the “art and science” abilities to do so, like data-driven decision making, organizing and building for purpose, design thinking, and human-centered design (more to come on each of these in future posts).

Centrally Human is more than a consulting firm and catch phrase; it’s about putting humans first and finding the beauty in simplicity. It’s a successful state of being.

Get trusted and unbiased support from an industry leader to demystify digital marketing and help you excel:

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