Kim, founder and CEO of Centrally Human, is a marketing technology and human-based executive leader. With more than 12 years of experience in human-based marketing, she brings proven expertise to help marketers connect with customers in authentic, meaningful, relevant and profitable ways.
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Cannabis Marketing Moment is Now


Access to exclusive workshop tailored for cannabis industry in Illinois, as well as beverages and appetizers.

In this interactive and business-critical workshop, cannabis business leaders will:

  • Understand exactly what you can and can’t do for marketing in 2020
  • Build a modern marketing strategy to compete in a recreational marketplace
  • Know how to leverage digital marketing and data while maintaining compliance
  • Learn to use content and storytelling to build your brand and connect with your customers
  • Design your customer journey from discovery through retention
  • Explore opportunities to grow and be empowered as a business owner in a highly sought after marketplace

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With the upcoming legalization in Illinois, there will be fierce competition in the marketplace. Companies will need to establish a solid advertising and marketing strategy to attract and retain new Illinois consumers, in addition to navigating licensing, administrative and regulatory requirements.

Whether you’re already licensed or entering the industry, now is the time to understand and own your marketing strategy to accommodate the anticipated influx of recreational consumers. There is a way to use digital marketing while being compliant and modern.

SEO, Paid Search, Social Media, Video Marketing… it’s all possible if you know how to do it.


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