Kim, founder and CEO of Centrally Human, is a marketing technology and human-based executive leader. With more than 12 years of experience in human-based marketing, she brings proven expertise to help marketers connect with customers in authentic, meaningful, relevant and profitable ways.
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Unique Approach

We use a proprietary method of Human-Centered Design Thinking and Data-Driven Decision Making to generate measurable and scalable innovation and business results. Our approach is then focused on 3 core area most relevant to the digital marketing industry.

Data Comprehension and Translation + -

Data are proxies to understanding human beings. Marketers are trying to reach people, so it’s critical to know how to listen and understand what people are saying. Just as communication occurs across languages, so does data across sources. Centrally Human acts as the universal translator. Search queries, social activities, content conception, survey results, offline customer attributes, or first-hand stories from the field – it’s all valuable if you know how to listen, translate, connect and put it to use.

Continuity at Every Plan Level + -

Today’s marketing plans are complex and matrixed, spanning multiple teams and requiring diverse specialties and disciplines. The growing complexity of consumer engagement, rising expectation on digital tactics and convergence of 3 distinct disciples – data analytics, technology and marketing – result in the overall goal never making it from the original brand strategy to the tactical execution. We ensure all plans – from the brand strategy whiteboard through real-time optimizations – are aligned around the key goal. It seems simple, but the intentional focus has a drastic impact on measurable results.

Empower Your Greatest Asset + -

You’ve got a killer team full of a diverse variety of experts. We make sure everyone’s compass is pointing in the same direction. The industry is so caught up in automation, SaaS and programmatic, that we have forgotten about leveraging our best assets – the partners and team members work on your behalf every day. Through training, clear and actionable strategies, and positive coaching, we ensure sure the people running the programs understand and believe in the goals and vision, and they are empowered and invested in the overall success.